Via BIG AND LARGE and TROOPER, you can support the Animal Love and Rescue Resort in Málaga, Spain. Simply by shopping online.

With every online purchase at one of our more than 600 partner shops, a percentage of your purchase amount goes to the club fund of your favourite association.

And you don't pay a euro cent extra for that, do you!


Of course, we focus on all kinds of animal products offered by our partners but ..... there is a lot more. ....

Whether you want to buy some lovely goods for your pets or a new TV set, a new pair of shoes, a dress or even book a city-trip... 


More than 600 associated retail companies offer you anything you want and important!

For the same prices they always do.


But for each € you spend, they and therefore YOU support the Animal Resort. So why hesitate, order through us and help our beloved animals


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What is our aim? Of course we must first continue to work on the construction of our Resort and the welfare of our animals. But we have an even bigger goal, a dream actually.


If we can raise enough funds with Trooper or online sales, we want to set up a foundation that will take special care of animals. All animals. The purpose of the foundation would be to help people who do not have a lot of money but love to see their animal. With sterilization, with an operation, surgery, medication, in short, the normal costs that an animal entails.


We know from experience that many families love to see their animal and take good care of it, but often do not have the money if something happens. Such as sterilization or urgent surgery.

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The foundation could then bear those costs. Ditto for street dogs or cats. We can't help all of them, take them all in. That is rowing with the tap open. But we can make a difference with the foundation.


We could catch them, neutralize them (sterilize or castration) and release them again. At least then no more fool cards can be born. THAT is our big dream that we still want to realize. You can help us with this by making your purchases online at the companies affiliated with Trooper!


Via our link on www.bigandlarge.shop. Because for every online sale you make with one of the affiliated companies, no matter what kind of product it is, we get a commission, which we can ultimately use for the foundation!




If you click on a shop on the Trooper page of your association, that shop will know that you came via Trooper and which association you want to support. When you complete your purchase on the shop's website, they will let us know how much money they donate to your association. That is sometimes a percentage of your purchase amount, sometimes a fixed amount.

Find the unique page of your association on trooper.be


On this page of your association you click on a shop Shop and pay on the webpage of the shop.


By passing through Trooper, the shop knows which association you want to support. You do not pay an extra euro yourself.

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